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Rhode Island may not seem like a top candidate for solar panel installation. However, much of RI has a viable amount of sunshine ready to power homes across the state. On top of that, Rhode Island has some of the highest electricity costs in the US. With these already-high utility prices on the rise and 365 days of sun, solar panels have become a low-cost, smart choice for cost-efficient electricity in Rhode Island.

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Installing Solar Panels In Rhode Island: No Better Time Than Now

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Rhode Island: Solar panel technology has been around since the 1950s, and is based on very straightforward science. As long as the sun shines there will be more than enough free energy for another few billion years or so. Unfortunately, many Rhode Island residents assume that adding solar technology to their homes is difficult and outside of their budget.

Lucky for us, though, solar panel and installation costs are currently at their lowest levels of all time. Not to mention solar energy technology has become more efficient than ever before. To put this into perspective, one of today’s solar panels can generate more energy than any of its predecessors, and at a fraction of the cost. With the reduction in costs, increase in efficiency, and plenty of companies looking to get your business, you don’t have to be rich to install a solar array on your home in 2020!

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What is a Solar Panel Array and How Does it Work?

Solar energy is, at the most basic level, sunlight. A solar panel array or similar solar photovoltaic (aka solar PV) system captures sunlight and converts it into usable energy. With this system, you are able to plug in your appliances and use electricity like you normally would. There is so much light given off that in a single hour, the sun provides Earth with all of the power our modern society consumes in an entire year. With such an enormous amount of solar power at our fingertips, solar panel systems or ‘arrays’ have more than enough energy to keeps the lights on in your house indefinitely.

In fact, there is so much extra energy that your solar panel array will actually send power back to the electric company. In return, you are given energy credits, which equal free power to your home when the sun is not available, such as at night time or on extremely dark and stormy days when the amount of sunlight is limited. Generally, you’re home’s solar panels will most likely generate enough residual energy (more than you need for any given day) that you’ll have plenty of energy credits to cover electric costs during down times. This makes solar power the ultimate and most cost-effective, energy system there is.

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Why Solar Energy in Rhode Island?

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Benefits of Solar Energy in Rhode Island

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Solar Power vs Traditional Energy

Unlike solar power, traditional energy production in Rhode Island requires the burning of a fuel source, like coal, natural gas, or wood. Our excessive use of these is adding to global warming, trapping CO2 in the atmosphere and raises global temperatures. Nuclear energy is another option, but this process is also flawed as nuclear waste is radioactive, harmful to living things. There’s also the chance that a nuclear power plant can have a meltdown and expose operators to this radiation. On the other hand, Solar power comes directly from the sun and does not negatively impact our environment.

By switching to solar power, you can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere and help to hinder the effects of global warming.

Energy Efficiency
Free Energy
CO2 Emissions
Environmental Concerns
Save Money

Overall energy costs in the Northeastern US are some of the highest in the Country. The cost of electricity in Rhode Island has been going up steadily year after year, with no end in sight. Installing a home solar panel array can save RI residents like yourself upwards of $20K over the life of the system. With solar power you control what you pay each month, and that amount will never change.

Rebate Incentives & Pay Less

When deciding to install solar panels on your Rhode Island home you can take advantage of tax deductions and rebates from the state government. Combining rebates along with a low-interest financing option can make your loan payment less than your monthly electricity bill. And the best part of about solar is your new monthly cost will never increase and you will no longer be at the mercy of ever-rising utility costs.

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Rhode Island Solar FAQ

Rhode Island’s solar power resources are slightly below average compared to southern states like Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California. However, the total solar energy potential in Rhode Island is more than enough to cover all of the power needs for the entire state. There are plenty or rooftops and land available to install solar panels onto, especially in residential areas outside of Providence, like Cranston, Pawtucket, and Warwick. Rhode Island’s State Energy Plan predicts that if the state continues to move in a positive direction, by 2035 it could be producing 1,800 MW of solar energy (Up from only 37 MW in 2016).

According to, there were around 5,135 solar panels installed throughout the state of Rhode Island as of Q3 2019. That means around 38,281 homes are powered by solar energy in the state. That’s only about 2.44% of Rhode Island’s total energy output, meaning there is plenty of room for growth in the coming years. And with solar panels and installation prices falling over 36% during the past 5 years, there is no better time to consider solar energy for your home.

Percentage of Rhode Island’s Electricity from Solar: 2.44%

This may seem like a low number but it’s still quite a bit of overall energy for the state. As of 2019, Rhode Island was ranked 30th for Solar Power in the Nation (down from 23rd in 2018). Projected growth of producing 276 MW of solar energy over the next 5 years puts Rhode Island in 41st place as most other states have higher projections.

Rhode Island gets a moderate amount of sunlight (aka solar energy) each year. Even on cloudy days, your solar panels will be generating electricity. However, you need to have rooftop surface area or land available that receives adequate sunlight for solar panels to make the most sense.

Check to see if you qualify for solar. Our experts can walk you through the process and educate you on everything involved in going green with solar power!

Homeowners in Rhode Island that qualify for solar can get panels installed for little or not cost. Since the price of solar panels has come down in recent years, banks are readily providing financing options that can match what you pay for your monthly electricity bill. This way, your electric bill almost completely goes away and you simply pay that amount towards your solar panels. And with State and Federal tax credits, you can actually get money back from the government as a result of going solar. Click here to see if you qualify for solar.

Preparing Your Home For Solar Panel Installation

Getting your Rhode Island home ready for installing solar panels is easy. With a little advanced preparation, our installers can get the job done more efficiently and in a shorter amount of time. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Upgrade your home with Energy Star-rated appliances.
  • Replace old or damaged insulation.
  • Seal your home as best as you can to avoid air leaks.
  • Upgrade to energy-efficient, double-pane windows.
  • Upgrade/repair and maintain your HVAC system. Change those filters regularly!
  • Make sure your roof is in good shape. Repair or replace if necessary.
  • Ditch your inefficient water heater and get a tankless system.
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A Few Things to Consider When Going Solar

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Is My Home Ready for Solar Panels?

The most important question you should ask yourself before installing home solar panels is ‘Does my roof look secure?’. It’s highly recommended that when you opt for panel installation that your roof is stable and capable of holding the weight of a solar system. Our installers are trained to identify whether or not your roof is structurally sound or not. If you have an older rooftop, it is recommended that you either repair or replace it altogether as this will be important for the longevity of your solar array system.

Since solar panels can last for decades, you should ensure that your roof is in relatively good shape so that you’re not having to make repairs or replace it in the near future. However, completely replacing your roof is a great option and we can arrange for this work to be done in tandem with the solar panel installation. Contact us for details.

Talk With an Energy Professional

Once you’ve made the decision to have solar panels installed, it’s important to have an energy professional from our company come over for an analysis of your home. As previously mentioned, making sure your roof is secure will be vital to the installation process. But it will also be necessary to establish how large of a system you’ll need. Once we know this, we will then have to figure out the best possible placement so that it is both appealing to look at and located in an area of your roof receiving the most amount of sunlight (solar energy).

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Improve Your Home’s Overall Energy Efficiency

Installing a solar panel system is a life-changing experience in several ways. You’re now ready to start producing your own energy. You’ll also be sending green, renewable energy back to the energy grid for other homes to use, requiring less fossil fuels to be burned as a result. Powering your home may require some lifestyle changes IF you want to rely solely on your solar panels for power. This may make you more cognizant of the energy choices you make, such as how many lights you leave on, or how many appliances you have running at one time.

The ultimate goal to a more energy-efficient home is filling it with energy-efficient appliances. Most modern appliances require less energy to run on than their predecessors. So maybe it’s time to upgrade that 20-year-old refrigerator. The money you spend on a new refrigerator will save you in future energy costs. And it will free up energy to be used elsewhere.

Not looking to buy new appliances? There are other things you can to keep your solar panel array working best for your home:

  • Maintain and upkeep your HVAC system regularly.
  • Change your home’s air filters on time, which is generally every 90 days; if you have pets then every 60 days is recommended.
  • Make sure your doors and windows are closed when running your AC/heat!
  • Condition yourself and your family not to leave unnecessary lights on in your home.
  • Put blinds or curtains on your windows to help with insulation (and to keep the heat of the sun from further heating your home in the summer months).

These are just a few suggestions keep in mind when prepping your life for solar panels. Of course, they aren’t necessary, but to be as efficient as possible will give you the best outcome when going solar.

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